Manthan is MMLA's initiative for Broadcasting Marathi Sahitya online.

Manthan will feature Marathi articles and stories written by authors from our Marathi community. This is a program completely driven by the community- that is people like you. Manthan needs your articles, short-stories or any Marathi literary work.

Click here for Guidelines to send your literary material to Manthan.

How to Download Manthan Podcast:-

1) Click on Title name to play the audio Podcast
2) Open the following link in any browser,
3) If you are regular iTtunes user, search for Manthan in podcasts section of the iTunes store to download the podcast.


Manthan FAQ:

Q1. What is Manthan?

  Q1. What is Manthan?
Ans: Manthan is a new initiative by MMLA to make Marathi Sahitya available online.

Q2. What can be expected from Manthan?
Ans: Manthan has 2 objectives:
a. Make Marathi sahitya available online. So that it can be reach maximum people in the least amount of time.
b. Encourage local sahitiks to create more Marathi sahitya by giving them a platform to publish their thoughts.
The above objectives will be accomplished in 2 phases.
Phase 1 : Podcasts: Marathi Sahitya will be available online in audio format.
Phase 2: Articles in written format: Marathi Sahiya in written format will be made available online.

Q3. What are Podcasts?
Ans: Lets take an example of your favorite magazine. It has articles on various subjects, could be politics, short stories, poems, current affairs, book reviews, etc. Now imagine the same magazine being read to you. Podcasts are similar. Podcasts are audio files or voice recording of such articles mentioned before. Podcasts are like having books on tape but instead of a book, it’s a collection of articles on various subjects.
Podcasts can be downloaded to your computer and can be heard on any mp3 player.

Q4. Why did MMLA choose Podcasts?
Ans: Internet allows Marathi Sahitya to reach maximum people in least amount of time. Podcats using the Internet give Marathi Sahitya great flexibility. A podcast is nothing but an audio file in mp3 format. Therefore, you can download a podcast to your computer or mp3 player can be heard in your home, in your office, in your car, in a plane or train. Its gives a rasik flexibility in not only listening to Marathi sahitya but also in sharing it with others.
Knowledge of written language is not necessary to enjoy a Podcast. Therefore, Marathi sahitya can reach even more people.
Since podcasts are available online, you no longer have to carry a magazine with you where ever you. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can listen/download to the podcast (and written Sahitya) wherever you go. You are never too far from your favorite Sahitya.

Q5. Why is it necessary to put Marathi Sahitya online?
Ans: The biggest obstacle facing Marathi sahitya today is, its dissemination. An article or magazine written in India or any other country takes a long time to reach its rasiks. For example, if a magazine published in Los Angeles has to reach a person in New York, it has to be printed, put in an envelope and mailed which will take 5 days to reach its destination. As opposed to that, the same magazine available online in audio or written formats can be sent to simple via email. Internet greatly enhances the out reach of Marathi Sahitya and reduces the time it takes to reach its rasiks.

Q6. How to get Manthan Podcasts?
Ans: Manthan Podcasts will be available on www.mmla.org. You can download the podcast from our site straight into your computer or mp3 player. All Manthan podcast will be available in mp3 format and can be played on any computer and mp3 player.
Also, you can subscribe to Manthan on iTunes via searching for ‘Manthan’.

Q7. When will Phase 2 of Manthan be implemented?
Ans: Phase 2 of Manthan, Marathi Sahitya in written format, will be started after Phase 1 is stabilized. Phase 2 requires more volunteers and effort to convert sahitya into uniform written format to be released online.

Q8. How will Manthan encourage local Marathi Sahitiks?
Ans: Manthan will draw most of its content from Marathi Sahitks in North America. Their articles, after being reviewed by our Manthan team, will be converted into audio or the sahitiks can send us their articles in already recorded as mp3 files. The guidelines for sending us you articles are available on our website, www.mmla.org.

Q9. Is there a fee to access Manthan?
Ans: There is no fee to access manthan content. Manthan is free for all.

Q10. Are there any restrictions on using/re-using Manthan published material?
Ans: MMLA does not restrict users from using and/or sharing any literary material published through Manthan, provided it is unaltered and strictly used for personal and non-commercial use. MMLA stricltly prohibits alteration of any Manthan published material and/or use of any Manthan published material for commercial purposes.

Q11. How can I contact Manthan team for feedback and suggestions?
Ans: You can contact us at manthan@mmla.org. with your suggestions and comments.

Web Feedback | 8547 Attica Dr, Riverside, CA 92508

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