MMLA's फिरते साहित्यालय now includes Videos !!!
How do MMLA Libraries Work?

How do MMLA Video Libraries Work?

  Book Library

The basics:

  1. Free for members (with a one time deposit of 10 USD).
  2. Upto 2 books can be borrowed at a time.
  3. Books can be kept for up to a month (renewable once if there are no other takers).
  4. Books can be borrowed from and returned to a mobile site or the location of MMLA programs.


  • Introductory collection represents different types of writings and a variety of authors.
  • Audio-visual material to be introduced in future.
  • Donations in kind (books/other material) and cash are welcome.
  • Book discussion clubs to be encouraged at some of the centers.
  • Suggestions and critical comments are (always) welcome.
  • Reviews of books read are encouraged.


How do MMLA Libraries Operate: 

  1. Book Library will continue to operate as before. Each center will host the books library on a specific day (usually a weekend). Here is a list of Library Centers.
  2. The books library will move from one center to the next each week. Typically, the books library returns to a center after 4-5 weeks.
  3. Check the schedule to see when the library is in your area. Schedule for the Book Library is available here.


   MMLA's फिरते साहित्यालय now includes Videos !!!                        

The Video library will operate slightly different from the Book Library.

Video Library

On popular demand as seen in our survey and the great response/feedback that we have been receiving from our community, MMLA is launching yet another new programme to bring Marathi movies and plays (DVD's and VCD's),in the form of a circulating video library, for our community.

Each one of us has an opportunity to contribute towards the success of this program by donating to the library in kind or money.

Video Library

  1. Video Library will operate out of the same library centers as the book library. Here is a list of Library Centers.
  2. Video library will be available at all library centers independent of the books library. Patrons can rent movies from the video library any time of the Month.
  3. To rent movies call schedule an appointment with the library host. There contact information is available here.
  4. Each library center will have different set of movies. Each library center will have a set of movies for 4-5 weeks. Thereafter, a new set of movies will available at the center.

Different set of rules govern each library. To read the rules click here.

If you have any questions email: or contact any library host.

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